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Thank You

In 2006 we started China's English Broadway theatre from scratch. That was no easy task. It continues to be a challenge—but a lot of fun, too. For the average show, it takes about a hundred people to make it happen. Planning starts a year before the curtain goes up with staff and crew of Beijing Playhouse working to put the core pieces together.


Our sponsors, US Embassy, British School of Beijing, Mako, City Weekend, Localnoodles.com, Candis, and Beijing Kids shared the spirit of the arts and invested their time and resources. Companies who purchased private performances also helped balance the books.


The crew of Beijing Playhouse, although mostly unseen, start working on crucial elements a year ahead of time. The complete list of crew is far too long to list, but here are a lot of them.

Rod Archer, Kelly Bettio, Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer, Rachelle Camello, Bruce Chang, Chang Yue, Barbara Chen, Helen Cho, Tony Cole, Kimberly Cox, Belinda Dai, Catherine Davis, Henry Demawu, Laura Draper, Judith Durkin, Ashli Eiseman, Ernesto Fois, Fu Luxin, Will Feng, Gao Wei, Connie Gaviola, Guo Li, Rong Guo, Guo Xiaojing, Vicky Han, Marlies Hesselman, Cynthia Hu, Hu Min, Jenny Huang, Huang Shan, Wendy Huang, Jiang Anzhang, Kzryx Jurczynska, Sanam Kader, Carolina Khristian, Cristina Sanchez Kozyreva, May Lee, Zhang Lei, Kevin Lesmeister, Li Chen, Connie Li, Jiang Li, Li Mo, Sabrina Li, Li Xue Mei, Clare Liang, Uma Liu, Amanda Ma, Lauren Mack, Erin Mackie, Dave McCullough, Donna O'Shaugnessy, John O'Toole, Sharolyn Ochavillo, Nancy Pellegrini, Henry Petacsal, Lisa Phillips, Dana Price, Rao Hui, Yvonne Raymond, Tony Ren, Wayne Riley, Felicia Schwartz, Aashna Sen, Sykora Shen, Shi Wei, Emi Shigegawa, Nancy Smith, Phillip Smith, Bev Sokol, Sun Lu, Magic Tang, Bob te Boekhart, Volker Theissing, Nancy Tian, Chris Verrill, Richard Verrill, Wang Chun Ying, Annie Wang, Wang Hong, Kathy Wang, Grace Wang, Sunny Wang, Kathryn Westberg, Jenny Williams, Zach Williams, Emma Xu,Zhang Shu, Zhang Yan, Jerry Yao, Zhang Wei, Zhang Yuan Yuan, Baker Zhang, Zhang Yujie, Alice Zhao, Lisa Zhao, Zhao Shu Mei, Joy Mu, Aashna Sen, Yuan Lei, Paul Johansen, Nuno Batista, Louise Liang, Eva Kessler-Ba, Vivian Cao, janar Adlyhan, Song Mingxing, Lauren Wang, Xu Jia, Amy Zhao, Ma Chenbin, Luna Xu, Poca Zhang, John Harkness, Lisa Chen, Chanel Zhang, Vita Wang, Donna O'Shaughnessy, Liu Jia, Liu Yang, Peng Chen, Patrick Cong, Claudia Zhang, Baker Zhang, Domenic Arneson, Ruth Novales, Nina Lenton, Liu Zheng, Anna Tang, Connie Gaviola, Lake Hu, Joshua Lavarias, Sunny Liu, Uma Liu, Dan Montgommery, Maria Nauen, Sharolyn Ochavillo, Sophie Sun, Bruce Chang, Yvonne Chang, Lydia Yang, Grace Zheng, Zhang Ke Li, Amor Mao, Liu Yang, Helen L. Cho, Guo Le, Lizzie Liu, Judy Rennick, Snow Wang, Teresa Xing, Lili Li, Angelina Lin, Annie Kuhlemeier, Alessia Garelli, Christie Travers, Andrew Liu, Han Xiao Dan, Sally Gong, Bhargav Naik, Fei Cardwell, Christie Travers, Rainbow Xie, Ouyang Yadan, Li Qi, Laurel Su, Kathryn Westberg, Beth Kerzee, Zhang Danmei, Andrew Westgate.


The enthusiasm and energy of the cast brings all the magic together. Two months of rehearsals and one month of performances for as many as five nights a week takes a lot of dedication. The singers, dancers and actors who come out for auditions make our casting decisions difficult.

Our recent casts have included: Melissa Ahmed, Dieter Albrecht, Rod Archer, Caitlin Bennett, Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer, Fiona Boyle, Patricia Cadena Anda, Richmond Camello, Silas Cardwell, Christie Chen, Francis Chen, Daniel Cotterall, Jocelyn Cruz, Hank DeGreef, Aisling Dunne, Mark Ehrke, Mark Fox, Chris French, Nicholas Goh, Cedric Gonzales, Michael Gralapp, Conrad Haessler, Joshua Hannum, Adam Harr, Hans Lachman, Caitlin Jackson, Saori Kanno, Beatriz Hoffmann-Kuhnt, Billy Hung, Hassan Iqbal, Cornelia Jurczynski, Jordan Lassoff, David Lau, David Lee, Leroy Lee, Nina Lenton, Cathy Lin, Brie Martin, Lindsey Newhall, Cody Leung, Vivian Lin, Lauren Mack, Karen McKinnie, Ryan Monarch, Holly Naylor, Dana Novales, Lara Novales, Salomae Aarapee Pawelzik, Glenn Phillips, Qu Lin, Siria Rutstein, Dolores Semeraro, Samantha Smith, Chris Verrill, Judy Wang, Kathy Wang, Lane Wang, Gene Westerland, Jeremy Williams, Julian Williams, Verity Williams, Bruce Xi, Lydia Yang, Jess Ye, Peter Yeung, Curly Zhou, Richard Zhou, Mariana Savchenko, Gan Jiaying, Ruth Novales, Ma Yi, Andrew Westgate, Jun Ying, Tim Lai, Beth Kerzee, Kyle Shernuk, David Peck, Dana Mihelich, Andrew Scheinseson, Michael Li, Larissa Paschyn-Sobol, Sophie Ann Miller, Brad Gentges, Zach Ebling, Sara Burt, Clay Wang, Yuanyuan Kelly, Julianne Salise, Christine Warmer, Taylor Gates, Laurel Su, Linda Huang, Kitty Lee, Aashna Sen, Rachelle Camello, Ernie Hao, Norah Cotterall, Alessia Garelli, Andrea Maddy, Vicky Zhou, Catherine Sparkman, Li Qi, Rohie Whiteside, Rick Reilly, Ryan Cardwell, Frank Song, John Kelly, Siria Rutstein, Marc Mosinger, Paul Isaksen.

Helpful Organizations

Beijing Actors Workshop continues to cultivate talented actors. Their devotion to acting makes semi-professional theatre in English possible. Richard Robinson and Chopshticks, in addition to bringing the best comedians to Beijing, also works with Beijing Playhouse in cross promotion.  Beijing City International School hosted our first ever performance.  Block 8 and Canadian International School have hosted past performances.   Goose and Duck hosts our drama club as well as some shoebox shows.  Xinjiang Music Bar and Bookworm have hosted past Drama Club meetings and FC Club hosts some of our outreach parties.  Beijing BISS International School, New Garden International School and British School of Beijing have hosted our rehearsals.  Dulwich College, International School of Beijing and Yew Wah Arts and Language Center have hosted shows and kids theatre camps.  Annie Xu at Milky Way walks us through the rules and regulations for performing arts in China.

Lend a Hand

Plus a lot of friends pointed us the right direction, spread the word, or gave their employee a flexible work schedule. Koji Aoshika, Alan Babington-Smith, Billy Bolton, Rachel Bradsell, Russell Brown, Carolyn Cao, Russell Chang, Erica Chen, Joyce Chia, Phillip Clarke, Robyn Coles, Simon Cousins, Catherine Davis, Julie Ann Davis, Paul Doyle, Natasha Dragun, Alan Fong, Jean Foo, Colin Friedman, Mike Furst, Cecily Huang, Ann Hurd, Connie Li, Gary Li, Jiang Jia, Chandler Jurinka, Kirsty Kelly, Jorn Knutsen, Kevin Lee, Lynn Lin, Richard Liu, Liu Ruirui, Liu Qian Qian, Kristin Lum, Jane Mitchell, Vinny Ng, Maria Nauen, Sebastian Noat, Andrew Nugent-Head, Ingrid O'Brien, Dan Ouyang, Tom Pattinson, Patrick Pearce, Qin Chuan, Elyse Ribbons, Oliver Sedlinger, Marilyn St. Germain-Hall, Josef Stockinger, Stoecklii Urs, Berwing Song, David van Meerendonk, Heidi Verrill, Leon Wang, Musa Wang, Wen Shuo, Mike Wester, Wu Ti, Xu Zhen, Carol Yang, Irene Yang, Luosheng Yang, Yin Chang, David Yuan, Chen Zhu and all the others.

Patrons of the Arts--Like You

Most of all, on behalf of the cast and crew of Beijing Playhouse, our thanks to patrons of the arts like you.